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How Long Does A Car Battery Last?


Useful Tips for Keeping a Charge in your Car Battery!

How long does a car battery last? When do you know you need a car battery replacement? You will usually find out when you get in your car and try to start it and discover your battery is dead. There are many reasons for a car battery to go bad or "die"... but more often than not it is the length of the battery life.

So how long does car battery last, you ask? Five years is considered about as long a life that a battery can be expected to keep giving reliable auto repair services. Other factors will either help prolong the life of our battery, and others will shorten its life.

Three Facts About Car Batteries:

  • Good connections at the terminals are very important. This includes a tight and corrosion-free connection. Sometimes a corrosion prevention spray will lend to the life of a battery.
  • The charging system is also a key to the life of a battery. Check out the alternator! If the charging system cannot properly charge the battery, it doesn't matter how good or expensive the battery is. As the motor runs, the alternator sends voltage back to the battery in DC form, allowing the battery to run at peak performance while the car is running. Make sure your alternator is operating properly.
  • The belt that the alternator operates off of is important as well. If the belt is loose or broken, the alternator cannot do its job and the battery will not be able to be recharged.

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