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Car Struts and Automotive Shocks | Kirkland, WA

How often should Car Struts and Shocks be Replaced?

For most vehicle owners, replacing car struts and automotive shocks is not at the top of their vehicle maintenance to-do list.

What many people are unaware of is that shocks and struts do more than just make your ride more comfortable. Replacing them should not be a matter of comfort, but for many, that is just what it is.


Worn suspension parts can cause damage due to wear and tear on other vehicle systems. Most namely, your brakes.

When your suspension system is performing well, the nose of your car remains fairly level and steady during braking. However, when the suspension system is not functioning well and your automotive shocks are not providing enough support, the front of your car will "nosedive" during braking. This creates additional strain and wears on your braking system. If struts and shocks are not replaced, it will result in your vehicle requiring the brakes to replaced sooner than they normally would.

By putting that added stress on your brakes, you are increasing your likelihood of not being able to stop in time to avoid hitting the car in front of you.


Do not assume, since your vehicle is giving you a bumpy ride, that it is your shocks or struts that are the problem.

A certified mechanic can diagnose the problem and make the necessary repair recommendations.

Installing your automotive shocks and struts should be done by factory-trained technicians who have the knowledge and expertise required to install your parts correctly the first time. Though this seems like a pretty straight forward job, you would be surprised at the number of novices who have installed parts incorrectly, even upside down.

Having your car struts or shocks replaced will improve braking, handling, and the overall controllability of your vehicle. Our Car Repair Shop is proudly serving all the vehicle owners in Kirkland, WA, and other surrounding areas.

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