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Transmission Repair & Service | Kirkland, WA

Be sure to have your Transmission Service And Repair For Your Vehicle

You have a transmission in your vehicle that may be manual or automatic. It is a lovely piece of engineering that helps you change gear, and it is quite complex in its makeup. The transmission repair you require today may be quite simple, and the repairs you require tomorrow may be astronomical. There are quite a few people who are hearing sounds come from their gearbox that is troubling, and a transmission service will reveal every new issue. This article explains how a simple transmission service will keep the most complex unit on your car functioning.

#1: What Is The Transmission Made Up Of?

The transmission is a series of cogs and gears that come together to shift gear from one to another. The gears are designed to run at certain speeds, and they must change as the vehicle speeds and slows itself. The transmission has many small pieces of metal very close to each other, and the metal may touch or break at any moment.

#2: Why Have A Transmission Fluid Change?

You may choose a transmission fluid change before a traditional engine service as the fluid will lose its consistency as you drive. The fluid must be light in color, and a simple inspection will reveal the true color of the fluid. The fluid may be flushed, changed and the transmission tested.

#3: Testing The Metal Pan

Transmission repair is quite difficult if there are flakes of metal in the casing, and there is a magnet that ensures all metal is pulled away from the mechanism. Your mechanic will check the pan for metal shavings, and they will alert you to anything out of the ordinary.

The unit may be rebuilt, or it may be repaired piece by piece when you feel a gear stick or grind as you drive. Our Professional Auto Technicians has knowledge of the Auto industry that gives us the ability to offer affordable prices with exceptional auto service every time.

If your car is in need of a transmission repair or engine rebuild, contact us and schedule an appointment today! We are very much proud of serving all the vehicle owners in Kirkland, WA, and other surrounding areas.

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